The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes

Marcel Proust


Travel with us.

There are many ways to travel, alone, in groups, new destinations, beloved destinations, thematic travels, travels of pure relaxation, travels on foot, by train, by plane, by car or bus, many types of travel but in reality the we are travel, because we can also visit the same place a thousand times, but if we have a thousand different looks, we will experience a thousand different emotions, the journey is us and every journey is the journey, this is our idea of travel, to make every moment a special moment, of every traveler, a unique traveler. This is how you discover the magic of places and people, with someone who shows you what seems to not exist, hidden, every time the first time.

Fall in love with Italy with Amitalia

The most famous cities of art, but also the small and less known villages. The sea, the islands, the coves, the beaches. And the great lakes. The hills, the mountains. And then the vineyards, the countryside. It’s easy to say “Italy”, but Italy is a universe to be discovered. A unique country, sometimes mysterious, which must be savored slowly, like a tasting wine, to better understand its secrets, smells, moods and flavors. For this reason, to allow you to know everything that is beautiful and good even if it is not “famous”, there is AMITALIA, an association of Tourism Professionals, able to organize your trip to Italy and always accompany you, assisting you for any need. Staying by your side and guiding you through the wonders of our country, to make you fall in love with it, “without worries”, as we like it: slowly.

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It is often said “put your face on it”, it applies to many things, especially if that face will make the difference between a bad trip, a normal one or one you can’t wait to do again, even before knowing where, but definitely with whom. So we put our face and we introduce ourselves with all our professionalism, with all the passion for Italy, with all the intention of seeing you arrive as customers and leave as friends.

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Let’s build your personal itinerary together, because every journey is “the journey” for us.

The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes. “.

Marcel Proust