Casa Artusi, where Italian cuisine is born.

What we’ll do:

  • We will visit Forlimpopoli and its Rocca.
  • We will visit Casa Artusi, with cooking class and lunch
  • We will visit Castrocaro Terme and the Land of the Sun.

Forlimpopoli and Casa Artusi, where Gastronomic Italy was born

The Via Emilia takes us today to Forlimpopoli, a small town an hour from Bologna and half an hour from Ravenna, a few km from the sea, on the last hills of the Apennines.

Upon arrival we will be greeted by the profile of the wonderful Rocca Albornoziana, one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Romagna, a splendid quadrilateral overlooking three squares, itself a square where we find the town hall, the Archaeological Museum, a cultural center and where numerous events take place including the Artusian Festival (normally in June, in 2020 postponed to a later date), during which the walkways of the Rocca light up and create a magical atmosphere on the crowded squares of the historic center.

The city is famous for having given birth to Pellegrino Artusi, a merchant with a passion for travel and cooking. Born in 1820, he moved to Florence in 1851 and from 1870 he dedicated himself to his passions that led him to publish in 1891 the book “La Scienza in Cucina e l’Arte di Mangiar Bene”, the first book that tells the story of Italy united from the point of view of local gastronomic cultures. The book is considered, rightly, The Book par excellence when it comes to cooking, but it was also a book that popularized the Italian language, because it was written very well and with ease of reading, a book that inspired a feeling of belonging.

A book that accompanied the Italian emigrants when they crossed the Oeceano in search of fortune, a book present in many Italian homes, from Trentino to Sicily, a book that brought out the best of Italian regional cuisines, a book that united and gave a goal, cook well and produce even better. Today, “Casa Artusi” is a wonderful multifunctional space, with the Museum, the Library, the restaurant, the Shop, the Cooking School, services for companies and the rooms for cooking classes, very popular with enthusiasts from all over the world.

After the cooking class, lunch and a coffee in the Piazza della Rocca Albornoziana, we will visit two beautiful villages a few kilometers from Forlimpopoli, Castrocaro Terme and the Land of the Sun, one of the so-called ideal cities built in the Middle Ages (Pienza). In the late afternoon / evening return to Ravenna.

Custom tour. Ask for a date to organize your kitchen room, minimum 8 people.

What’s included:

  • All transfers by private means
  • Accompaniment throughout the day
  • The visit to Forlimpopoli, Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole
  • The visit and lunch at Casa Artusi

What’s not included:

  • Personal expenses.
  • Everything that is not explicitly included