From Genoa to the Cinque Terre, from Porto Venere to Lerici, 5 unique days, made to dream

From Genoa to the Cinque Terre, from Porto Venere to Lerici, 5 unique days, made to dream

From Genoa to the fascinating 5 Terre, passing through the Gulf of Tigullio and the Baia dei Poeti.  The pearls of Liguria on an amazing journey.  Choose your itinerary, we will take care of the rest.

What we will do

  • Day 1 – Genoa, on foot
  • Day 2 – Nervi, Recco and Camogli, by car, bus, train.
  • Day 3 – Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino, by train.
  • Day 4 – The Cinque Terre, train and boat.
  • Day 5 – Porto Venere and Lerici, train and boat.
  • Overnight stays in Genoa, and / or Santa Margherita Ligure.

Beginning of the tour in Genoa, station or airport we will welcome you to take you to the chosen hotel.  Depending on the arrival time we will give a first walk in the historic center to breathe the atmosphere of a wonderfully nestled seaside town on the hills.

First day Genova

First day, where to start? Easy, getting lost in the Carugi (the typical streets of Liguria) of one of the largest historic centers in Europe.

Obviously there is a logic also in getting lost, organized itineraries that only those who know Genoa can show you, the itineraries of De Andre’s Genoa, those of the medieval city, the itineraries of the Historical Shops and the Palazzi dei Rolli, the city of children, the port.

Genoa, clinging to the mountains, a maze of alleys that suddenly open onto larger squares and streets and where architectural styles are confused, a city that has always been open to cultures from all over the world, as is normal in seaside towns, a little more in those that for centuries have been the center of trade with other peoples and continents!

Second day – Nervi, Recco and Camogli

Before even leaving Genoa we stop at Nervi, the garden of the city, with the magnificent Liberty villas of Viale delle Palme and, overlooking the sea, the splendid and romantic Anita Garibaldi Promenade, which starting from the marina follows the profile of the cliff to the Capolungo beach, skirting towers, parks and spectacular gardens and occasionally a coffee where to sit to enjoy a fascinating panorama.

We continue on the Aurelia Provincial Road and we stop in Recco and Camogli. Set like two pearls in the Golfo Paradiso, a few kilometers from each other, close to the Portofino Peninsula.

Recco an ancient village of sailors will conquer you for its historic center, of great artistic value, and for the coastal panorama that is unmatched. If you plan your trip in May, make sure to happen here on the last Sunday of the month: you will find the feast of the famous “fugassa de Reccu” the very thin focaccia with crescenza filling, which for the occasion the bakers will distribute for free: among the most appreciated Italian street food.

Camogli is a typical seaside village, with colorful houses and facades painted with fake architectural elements, cornices, closed windows, flowers and balconies. A beach that ends on the Basilica of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, the Castle of Dragonara, perched on a ridge of rock overlooking the sea, countless paths that cross the promontory of Portofino, reaching the wonderful village of Punta Chiappa, or the splendid Romanesque church of San Nicolo di Capodimonte or even the Abbey of San Fruttuoso. Abazia that can also be reached by boat starting from the Port of Camogli or in the next stage from the Port of Portofino.

Third daySanta Margherita Ligure and Portofino

Today they leave by train from the Principe station in Genoa, with your suitcases if you decide to stay overnight in Santa Margherita Ligure for the rest of the trip, or without if you decide to return to Genoa. In both cases we will cross the Ligurian east, which is already a spectacle in itself, arriving at your destination in half an hour and in case leaving your suitcases at the hotel before leaving for our day riding penisola di Portofino.

Located in the innermost part of the Gulf of Tigullio, between Rapallo and Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure is surrounded by green hills and a sea with all shades of blue, it is the ideal place for romantic walks, visiting one of the many castles overlooking the coast, or the Magic Flute Park, inspired by Mozart’s work.

The promenade along the coast is an elegant display of beauties, those of the coast, those of trendy shops and luxury hotels that make a good show of themselves overlooking the coast, interspersed with countless restaurants for all needs. From the port there are excursions along the entire eastern Ligurian coast, up to the Cinque Terre.

It is a city that combines perfectly with the nearby and most famous location that we can reach with a nice one-hour walk, or with a public minibus. A few minutes, along a stretch of coast of incredible beauty, and almost without realizing it we find ourselves immersed in the magical atmosphere of a small fishing village, which has become one of the most exclusive places in Italy, Portofino.

An arch of the moon surrounded by the beautiful and uncontaminated nature of the Natural Park that is reflected on the Marine Reserve of the Gulf of Tigullio. The Brown Castle, the Church of San Giorgio on one side, the promenade that shrinks more and more until it throws itself into the blue, on the other side, two gentle walks on the gulf, up to an enchanted scenery.

Perched on a breathtaking stretch of coast, among hills of holm oaks and Aleppo pines, Portofino will kidnap you from the first glance. Its colorful houses overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Tigullio, the luxurious boats moored in the port and the atmosphere of serene carefreeness that you breathe in Piazzetta, the famous open-air living room where it is easy to meet VIPs and celebrities. A concentration of art, history and nature without comparison.

From the port you reach the splendid Abazia di San Fruttuoso, located in a deep inlet of the Park, built in the typical Genoese Romanesque style. In the sea in front of the Abazia, on a 15-meter seabed, a Bronze statue was lowered, the Christ of the Abyss, a place chosen by many couples passionate about diving to get married and where every year on the last Sunday of July there is a spectacular ceremony at sea.

Fourth day – Le The Cinque Terre

Day dedicated to the Cinque Terre. Departure always by train, from Genoa or Santa Margherita Ligure. We will buy the Card that will allow us to visit the five cities by train, without limitations and also allows us to visit, when open, the various paths that connect the cities. Alternatively you can buy different types of tickets for navigation, one way, return only, afternoon, daily, depends on the climate and your preferences.

Let’s start with Monterosso, the first among the five pearls. Divided between the historic part of the center, with romantic alleys and medieval churches, and the more modern and touristic part of the Fegina seafront, Monterosso is the largest village in the Cinque Terre, places loved by tourists from all over the world and a World Heritage Site since 1997.

We continue with one of the frequent local trains that in a few moments takes us to Vernazza. The yellow, red and pink of the houses of the village, the intense blue of the water and the green of the vegetation behind: a fresco of vivid colors, of unparalleled beauty. Vernazza, among the hundred most beautiful villages in Italy, is dominated by the remains of the castrum, the medieval fortifications, there is only one central street to divide the country, all around, the steep staircases between which it is nice to get lost. Perhaps the right place for a light lunch, or a snack in the beautiful little places that dot the streets of Vernazza.

We leave again to reach Corniglia. Perched on a suggestive rocky promontory, Corniglia is an enchanted village, accessible through the Lardarina, the famous brick staircase of 377 steps (or with a comfortable minibus that every 10 minutes runs the route station / center and vice versa). Full of wonderful panoramic paths to be discovered, Corniglia will capture you for its wild and unconta-mined beauty and for the pungent smells of aromatic herbs, such as marjoram, oregano and thyme, which grow spontaneously in this territory, smelling of magic the warm air of long summer afternoons. What can I tell you? Breathe deeply!

Away, again by train to reach Manarola. It is said that Manarola takes its name from the “magna rota”, the great wheel of water mills. In the lower part of the country, in fact, you can admire the old mill, to emphasize its agricultural vocation: Manarola is among the main producers of oil and wine in the whole area, surrounded as it is by terraces of olive groves and vineyards. After a tour in the village where you can not miss the Church of San Lorenzo, with its beautiful baroque interiors, and the Campanile Bianco, an ancient control tower and sighting, go down to the sea to find small corners of paradise from which to enjoy an incredibly beautiful panorama. Maybe sipping an excellent Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà, the fine local passito wine.

Our day ends in Riomaggiore, where you could also walk following the Via dell’Amore, a beautiful pedestrian path overlooking the sea that connects Manarola to this beautiful village. Notice the double entrance of the houses, one on the façade at the level of the alley and the other on the back, at the height of the upper road: a unique feature that refers to 1500, when the double door was a quick escape route during the Saracen raids. At the end of the afternoon we take the train and return to Genoa or Santa Margherita Ligure.

Fifht dayPortovenere and the Baia dei Poeti

Definitely no less exciting than the previous one. Today we choose to sail and to do so we must take the train that takes us to La Spezia. After a short and pleasant walk in the pedestrian center of the city to reach the port we will embark to cross the majestic Gulf of Poets with destination Porto Venere.

This wonder suddenly appears to us as a magic just dubbed Punta della Castagna. A spectacular village, located at the west end of the Gulf of Poets that owes its name to a Roman temple dedicated to Venus and erected on the current promontory of San Pietro.

A village that winds along two streets, the promenade and the Carrugio that are never lost sight of, linked by steep staircases that suddenly appear between one house and another, and then join in front of the wonders of the esplanade of St. Peter’s Basilica that rises at the end of the promontory.

Along the promontory there are unforgettable views, windows open to the emotions and beauties of the place, such as the window overlooking the cave of Lord Bayron, a rocky area that looks towards the sunset and the Cinque Terre. Portovenere is divided from the island of Palmaria by a narrow and long strip of sea that protects its port from the north winds.

Beyond Palmaria, there are two other islands, Tinto and Tinetto, formerly inhabited by Benedictine monks, now uninhabited but part of the UNESCO heritage as well as Portovenere. Lunch by the sea and in the early afternoon we take the boat to reach the other pearl of the Gulf of Poets, Lerici.

Located at the eastern end of the Gulf of Poets, at the mouth of the Magra River, Lerici is a wonderful seaside village. Squeezed between its walls until the eighteenth century, the city expanded and became one of the most beloved tourist centers by writers and poets such as Bayron and Shelly. The typical houses side by side along the narrow streets give the city the ancient medieval charm. The squares follow one another to the streets that pass under the houses and reappear on the sea, in a succession of emotions and surprises dominated by the sumptuous fortress from which a beautiful walk on the Vassallo promenade starts in a beautiful setting on the Gulf, La Spezia and Portovenere.

In the afternoon return by boat to La Spezia and then by train to Santa Margherita Ligure or Genoa.

SuggestionSestri Levante

Sestri Levante is not included in our itinerary, but we point out, among other dozens of enchanting places on the Riviera, for a visit to the village of the two bays, the Bay of Silence and the Bay of Fables. For this reason also called the “city of the two seas”, Sestri Levante is a magical place, among the most evocative places of the entire Ligurian Riviera. Find yourself in the quiet of the first beach or return children to the Bay of Fables, where Hans Christian Andersen wrote some of his fables. The Andersen Festival, held here in June, is an event that you just can’t miss, dedicated to children’s literature and full of ideas for adults. Sestri is located half an hour by train or car from Santa Margherita Ligure, also an excursion for a dinner, it is worth it.

We chose the visit of the Cinque Terre by train and the Baia dei Poeti by boat, but you can organize mixed itineraries, a little train and a little boat or even just a boat.

What’s included

  • Overnight stay in the chosen structure with breakfast service.
  • All scheduled visits with accompaniment
  • The entrances and tickets provided in the program
  • All expenses of the accompanying person
  • The Cinqueterre Card that give access to the paths and dedicated trains
  • Personalized assistance throughout the period

What’s not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Anything not expressly provided for