The Via degli Dei, between medieval villages and beauties of all times

The Via degli Dei, 130 km that link Bologna to Florence, passing the Apennines along the ancient Roman road “Flaminia Militare”, crossing landscapes without horizon and small towns that move to the rhythm of nature. The name derives from the mountains that are climbed, Monte Venere, Monzuno or Mons Jovis, or Monte di Giove and Monte Adone.

  • What we’ll do
  • Meeting with the guide, in your hotel in Bologna for the complete route, or Sasso Marconi for a short route. The guide will show us the general route and what awaits us from a physical and accommodation point of view
  • We will cover the five stages in which the route is divided always accompanied by our guide who at each stage will inform us about the route of the following day
  • We will stop in the farmhouses provided for board and lodging, some meals may be packed on request.
  • Arrival in Florence at Santa Maria Novella, we leave our luggage in custody and slow visit of the city.
  • Return by train or by our means to Bologna or where you have accommodation

First Stage: Piazza Maggiore – Badolo 21 km 7 hours walk 3 by Mountain Bike

It starts from Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, and if you want to train a little nothing better than walking up the longest portico in the world, the Portico that leads to the Sanctuary of San Luca on monte della Guardia, 666 arches and 4 km.

First stop: from Piazza Maggiore we reach the oldest masonry dam in Europe, the Casalecchio lock. When in Europe the Middle Ages was in its darkest and bloodiest phase in Bologna, the first degree course with a fixed location opened.

The route then winds through the Municipality of Sasso Marconi inside the Parco dei Prati di Mugnano and then up to the Nova Arbora Botanical Garden and Badolo. Overnight stay

Second stage: Badolo – Madonna dei Fornelli 28 km 10 hours walk 3 hours by Mountain Bike

The second stage crosses the oasis of San Gherardo where animals of all kinds are cared for, from lions to wolves to monkeys, immediately after we see the first panorama that opens the senses to the belo, the panorama of Monte Adone, a few million years ago the bottom of a sea. The second stage, the most challenging, arrives at Madonna dei Fornelli, 3 hours after passing Monzuno, one of the most beautiful stretches of the journey. To make the day less long you can shorten the Monterumici Monzuno stretch by taking a bus. Then from Monzuno you go up to Madonna dei Fornelli, a beautiful place on the slopes of Monte Venere. Overnight stay

Three stage: Madonna dei Fornelli – Monte di Fò 18 km 6 hours on foot, 2 hours by Mountain Bike

The third stage is an 18 km ups and downs that crosses the Tuscan-Emilian border at the highest point of the route, the Cima Benditacce at 1200 meters high, half of the overall route. Along the path you can admire numerous finds of the ancient Roman road, well preserved and easily identifiable thanks to the presence of numerous signs. Walking you get to the slopes of Poggio Castelluccio. Continuing instead you will meet again stretches of Flaminia Militare, one of which is well preserved and protected by a sort of wooden fence. Continue the route following the signs and go down to the right until you reach the beginning of a coniferous forest and then the Passo della Futa and Monte Fo, the end of the third stage. Overnight stay.

Fourth stage: Monte di Fò – San Pietro a Sieve 21 km 7 hours on foot, 3 by Mountain Bike

The fourth stage of 21 km of medium difficulty, takes us to the valley. Near the cross of Monte Gazzaro there is a small stone structure, hanging on the wall there is a metal container where you can find the “the summit book of Monte Gazzaro“, or a notebook where those who want can write their thoughts.

From Monte Gazzaro you continue straight on to a large open space, the Passo dell’Osteria Bruciata. Once there was an inn renowned for its dishes of “human” meat cooked by the owner after robbing and killing his guests, he died too, do not worry. The day ends in San Piero a Sieve after about seven hours of walking, or 3 hours of Mountain Bike.

Fifth and last stage, from San Piero a Sieve to Florence 33 km 11 hours on foot, 3.5 by Mountain Bike

Stage 5 of the Via degli Dei starts from the historic center of San Piero a Sieve, and continues following the signs for the Medici Fortress of San Martino, commissioned by Lorenzo il Magnifico.

This last stretch that leads to Olmo is completely open in an expanse of fields with breathtaking views. In the distance you can already admire from afar both Fiesole and Florence. The path continues until it reaches again on a paved road. 
Through the paved road the CAI path n.° 2 continues uphill towards Poggio Pratone from where you can enjoy a beautiful view towards Florence.
From Poggio Pratone you go down on a dirt road to Monte Fanna. The road then becomes paved, once you cross the hamlet of Borgunto, and you soon reach the square of Fiesole. From Fiesole take the panoramic road to the middle schools and take the CAI path n.° 7 that goes up to Monte Ceceri and from here go down to the quarries of Maiano, go up towards Settignano and go down directly on foot passing through Coverciano. Finally, you reach Piazza della Signoria, the arrival point of the Via degli Dei. In case you want to return to Bologna more quickly, the train is an excellent proposal that in half an hour takes you back to the capital of Emilia Romagna, or we bring you back with our own means.

5 days with 24-hour assistance, local guide and overnight stays in farmhouses, B&B or 3 * hotels with breakfast starting from € 350.00 in double, for groups of up to 6-8 people. We also organize the short route, from 4 and 3 days, starting from Sasso Marconi or Madonna dei Fornelli, or a slower itinerary for 6 days. The departure can be from Florence with the same itineraries.

  • The price include:
  • Overnight stay with breakfast at the hotel
  • GAE guide throughout the trip
  • Credential
  • Liability insurance.
  • The price does not include:
  • Single room supplement
  • Lunches, dinners, additional food and drinks and extras in general
  • Everything not indicated in the section “the price includes”.
  • Return from Florence by train or minivan